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Industrial Leak Detectors

Designed specifically for the detection of industrial machinery leaks, Cygnus Instruments created the Cygscope range of Industrial Leak Detectors. Utilising ultrasonic leak detection equipment allows the user to quickly and accurately determine leaks in industrial machinery.

( If you are interested in equipment for testing the weather-tightness or water-tightness of cargo hatch covers, please go to Cygnus Hatch Sure - hatch cover testing device.)

The Cygnus Instruments CygScope range includes:

  • Cygnus CygScope RD

    Cygnus CygScope RD

    The Cygscope RD from Cygnus Instruments uses detection of ultrasound to allow the user to quickly and accurately find leaks in industrial machinery.

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  • Cygnus CygScope R

    Cygnus CygScope R

    The Cygnus CygScope R enables the fast and accurate detection of leaks in industrial machinery and equipment by revealing the presence and intensity of ultrasound.

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