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The Cygnus 6 PLUS PRO has a range of features for the professional user including, multi-mode measuring capabilities, A-scan, real-time B‑scan, manual and automatic gain control and comprehensive data logging.

Designed for the harshest of environments with a simple to use keypad and intuitive menus. It incorporates a bright colour LCD display and an end mounted rotatable OLED display for easy viewing in hands free and rope access applications.

The twin shot injection moulded enclosure has a soft but durable TPE outer skin which is both comfortable and extremely durable while the inner shell is strong, keeping the electronics totally sealed from the outside world.

The unit still relies on Multiple-Echo to provide simple and accurate measurements, with the added benefit of Echo-Echo and Single-Echo using twin crystal probes for extreme corrosion. Echo‑Echo for measurements on painted metals but with heavy back wall corrosion / pitting and Single-Echo for measurements on uncoated surfaces with heavy front face and/or back-wall corrosion and attenuative materials such as cast metals or plastics / composites.

Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 (Click for more details)

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  • Multiple-Echo for reliable, accurate through coating measurements
  • Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes with twin crystal probes for extreme corrosion and back wall pitting
  • A-scan display
  • Real time B-scan display
  • Manual and automatic gain control
  • Comprehensive data logging capabilities
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) used in Single‑Echo and Echo-Echo measurement modes
  • Large bright colour LCD screen with back light
  • Deep-coat mode, measure through coatings up to 20 mm thick
  • Wrist mountable
  • Minimum / maximum measurement limit functions with visual and vibrate alert
  • Intuitive easy to use menu
  • Extremely rugged enclosure – shock and impact to US MIL STD 810G
  • Environmental sealing to IP67 – US MIL STD 810G
  • Cygnus echo strength bars to assist quick measurements
  • Buttons integral with the TPE moulding and designed for min 100,000 depressions.

Data Logging Key Features:

  • 3 available formats: sequential, grid and template
  • Add comment
  • Add radial points
  • Versatile data logging which allows measurements and A‑scans to be saved
  • 5,000 measurement points (including A-scan) per record
  • Records are saved to a removable SD card
  • Selectable Auto-Log feature
  • Records easily transferred via gauge USB port to Cyglink software where they can be exported to a CSV file or a PDF report.


Cygnus Probes and Cables

Cygnus Stainless Steel INOX Probes (Single Crystal Probes)

The INOX probes have an updated ergonomic design and easier to read frequency, identification and serial number. All frequencies of INOX probes have a black face and a colour coding system to identify probe frequencies. Used in Multiple-Echo mode, these probes require no zeroing, have a high linear accuracy, are ideal for general thickness gauging, for use on pipes and have replaceable wear membrane for long life.

Cygnus Stainless Steel INOX Probes (Twin Crystal Probes)

Used in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes for a focussed ultrasound beam for improved measurability on extreme back wall corrosion and pitting.

Cygnus Cables

Using standard industry connectors the probe lead uses a custom made over moulded cable that offers superior flexibility and resistance to oils and ultraviolet light. The cable will not stiffen after exposure to ultraviolet light.

Flexible Handling

Along with the wrist and neck straps supplied in the kit there is also an optional belt clip, offering a range of flexible handling solutions for all types of applications.

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Materials Sound velocities between 1000 - 9000 m/s - covers virtually all common engineering materials
Accuracy ±0.1 mm or 0.1% of thickness measurement, whichever is greatest, when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments calibration procedure
Resolution Multiple-Echo mode - 0.1 mm or 0.05 mm
Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes - 0.01 mm
Probes Single crystal probes:
  • 6 mm - 5 MHz (S5A)
  • 13 mm - 2.25 MHz (S2C (standard)), 3.5 MHz (S3C) or 5 MHz (S5C)
  • 19 mm - 2.25 MHz (S2D)
Twin crystal probes:
  • 5 mm - 7.5 MHz (T7A)
  • 8 mm - 5 MHz (T5B (standard))
  • 13 mm - 2 MHz (T2C (for attenuative materials such as cast metals, plastics and composites))
  • 10 mm - 5 MHz (HT5)
Measurement Range in Steel Single crystal probes in Multiple-Echo:
  • 3 - 250 mm with 2.25 MHz probe (S2C/D)
  • 2 - 150 mm with 3.5 MHz probe (S3C)
  • 1 - 50 mm with 5 MHz probe (S5C/A)
Twin crystal probes in Single-Echo:
  • 2.5 - 250 mm with 2 MHz probe (T2C)
  • 1 - 200 mm with 5 MHz probe (T5B)
  • 0.8 - 50 mm with 7.5 MHz probe (T7A)
Twin crystal probes in Echo-Echo:
  • 5 - 50 mm with 2 MHz probe (T2C)
  • 4 - 50 mm with 5 MHz probe (T5B)
  • 3 - 25 mm with 7.5 MHz probe (T7A)
Connector Twin Lemo 00
Power 3 x AA batteries
Battery Life 10 hours minimum
Electronics Dual channel pulser
Display 2.4" quarter VGA LCD and end-mounted OLED (rotatable)
Size 132 x 82 x 34 mm
Weight 300 grams (inc. batteries)
Operating Temp. -10°C to 50°C
Data Logging Capacity up to 5000 points including A-scans
Computer Software CygLink allows remote logging and viewing of A-scan graphs.
Survey and report generation to PDF file.
Data can be exported as a .CSV file.
Graphic analysis of data and statistical calculations.
Designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Environmental Rating IP67 (dust tight and immersion - 1 metre for 30 mins)
Explosive Atmosphere: Safe operation as defined by Class I, Division 2, Group D, as found in the National Fire Protection Association Code (NFPA 70), Article 500, and tested using MIL STD 810G Method 511.5, Procedure I
MIL STD 810G Method 501.6 (high temp +55°C)
MIL STD 810G Method 502.6 (low temp -20°C)
MIL STD 810G Method 507.6 (humidity 95%)
MIL STD 810G Method 512.6 (immersion - 1 metre for 30 mins)
Shock and Impact MIL STD 810G Method 514.7 (vibration - 1 hour each axis)
MIL STD 810G Method 516.7 (shock 20g - 11ms half sine shock pulse, 40g 11ms in each axis)
MIL STD 810G Method 516.7 (26 drops - transit drop 1.22 m)
Compliance CE, British Standard BS EN 15317:2013
Environmental RoHS, WEEE compliant
Warranty 3 years on gauge and 6 months on probe

Kit Content

Cygnus 6PLUS UT gauge; padded carry case; operating manual; adjustable neck strap and loops; wrist strap; accessory pouch; spare membranes; surface and membrane couplant; test block; 3 x AA batteries; mini USB - USB cable and instruction manual optional Krusell® belt clip.

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Product Reviews

  • 24 April 2017
    Rated 3 out of 5
    first time i believed is going to perform well
  • 27 March 2017
    Rated 4 out of 5
    Getting to grips with it, it's had a little use I think it's showing about 20hrs on the opening screen. I like the new style and display also like the wrist mount. Not used the data logging yet but I am sure I will. A pleasure to do business with you and I am sure I will be back again in the future.
  • 18 July 2016
    Rated 5 out of 5
    I would like to express our appreciation regarding Cygnus' support during a recent umbilical manufacturing verification project. Your customer service was exemplary and we are impressed by the legibility of the readout on the Mk5 gauge.
    On appraising Cygnus of the background to our requirement, the equipment was despatched and received the next day. Its ease of use means that we will certainly call upon you for any further such requirements.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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