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Cygnus Instruments Inc. is a distributor for the Fischer Technology line of hand held coating thickness gauges. Fischer gauges cover a broad range of application specific measurement tasks. The first criterion for instrument selection is the coating/substrate material combination. The magnetic induction method (Fe) is used for measuring nonmagnetic coatings on iron and steel. The eddy current method (NFe) is used for measuring electrically non-conductive coatings on nonferrous metal such as aluminum, copper, brass and on stainless steel. Fischer offers a complete family of instruments for both test methods.

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Fischer Coating Thickness Gauges


  • Ergonomic design with two backlit displays for optimum viewing of the readings in any measurement position
  • Pocket size and light weight
  • Integrated, spring-supported measurement probe for one-hand operation
  • Specification limits
  • Optical and acoustical signals for measurement accept or limit violation
  • Automatic On/Off function
  • Measures in mils and microns
  • Automatic material recognition
  • Radio transmission of the readings to PC (optional radio receiver required).

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FMP10 Thru FM40 Series of Gauges

These gauges use the magnetic induction (Fe) and eddy current (NFe) test methods. All six models use plug-in type smart probes. The gauges recognize whether magnetic induction or eddy current probes are connected and they recognize the material being tested. There is a large LCD display for measurement and evaluation data as well as icons for status display and operation notes on display lines. There are five selectable displays. "R" versions of this gauge allows data transfer of thickness measurements via radio transfer to a PC/laptop.

DUALSCOPE® FMP20 (Ferrous and non Ferrous substrates)
Statistical evaluation of measurement series and display of minimum, maximum, mean value, number of measurements, standard deviation, date and time are displayed on gauge. Immediately ready to measure. No data logging or downloading.  Download DUALSCOPE FMP20 Fact Sheet.

DELTASCOPE® FMP30 (Ferrous substrates)  Download DELTASCOPE FMP30 Fact Sheet.

ISOSCOPE® FMP30 (Non-Ferrous substrates)
Statistical evaluation similar to Dualscope MP20 but with ability to print statistical data used for inspection reports. Date and time are displayed and stored with each measurement block. Maximum of 10,000 measurements can be stored in 1,000 blocks in up to 100 applications. Instruments are equipped with either a bidirectional RS232 interface that allows it to be connected to a printer or a unidirectional radio interface that also allows the transfer of measurements to a computer.  Download ISOSCOPE FMP30 Fact Sheet.

DUALSCOPE FMP40 (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
A maximum of 10,000 measurements can be stored in 1,000 blocks in up to 100 applications. The size of the block can either be selected freely or can be fixed. Measurement and statistical evaluations can be printed out or transferred to a PC or data collector.  Download DUALSCOPE FMP40 Fact Sheet.

MPO/MPOR Series of Gauges

Kit Content

Kit content in dependent upon the gauge selected, please contact us for more information.


Available Models:

  • PERMASCOPE MPOR-SK - Fe only - no memory - no radio transmission - range 0-78  mils (0-2000 um).
    Download PERMASCOPE MPOR Fact Sheet.
  • DUALSCOPE® MPOR-SK - Fe/NFe - no memory - no radio transmission - range 0-78 mils (0-2000 um).
    Download DUALSCOPE MPOR Fact Sheet.
  • DELTASCOPE® MPOR - Fe only - memory - radio transmission - range 0-80 mils (0-2000 um).
    Download DELTASCOPE MPOR Fact Sheet.
  • ISOSCOPE® MPOR - NFe only - memory - radio transmission - range 0-48 mils (0-1200 um).
    Download ISOSCOPE MPOR Fact Sheet.
  • DUALSCOPE® MPOR - Fe/NFe - memory - radio transmission- - range Fe/NFe 0-80 mils (0-2000 um).
    Download DUALSCOPE MPOR Fact Sheet.
  • DUALSCOPE® MPOR H - Fe/NFe - memory - radio transmission - range Fe 0-275 mils (0-7000 um) - NFe 0-80 mils (0-2000 um).  Download DUALSCOPE MPOR Fact Sheet.

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ED13 Dual Probe

ED13 Dual Probe

Fe/NFe 0-78 mils

EGAB1.3 Pencil Type Probe

EGAB1.3 Pencil Type Probe

Fe 0-80 mils

ETA3.3H Pencil Type Probe

ETA3.3H Pencil Type Probe

Fe 0-48 mils

Radio Receiver USB 915 MHz 603-544 USB

Radio receiver for the connection via USB interface to a PC (not included). Suited for the reception of measurements from the instruments using a 915 MHz transmitter frequency. Using optional software, PC Datex, the measurements can be put directly into an EXCEL® spreadsheet. Includes USB cable (6.6' - 167.6 mm) and driver CD.



Software PC-DATEX

Software for transmitting on and off-line measurements data into EXCEL® spreadsheets. True Windows® 95/98/N/2000/XP program in combination with MS-EXCEL® version 7.0 or higher. Applicable with all instruments with RS232 and/or radio transmitter.

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