Twin Crystal Ultrasonic Probes

Cygnus twin crystal (dual element) probes are for use with the gauge in Single-Echo or Echo-Echo modes.

The probe face is divided into two: one semi-circle transmits the ultrasound energy and the other receives it back.

They have a hard wear face which will eventually wear down. The gauge will automatically “Zero” the probe to compensate for wear (until there is excessive wear when the probe should be replaced). The gauge will indicate when the probe needs changing with a warning message.

In Echo-Echo mode, up to 1 mm (0.04 in) of coating can be read through and ignored. Single-Echo mode can only be used on bare surfaces or where coatings have been removed.

The T5B twin crystal 5 MHz 8 mm (0.315 in) probe is recommended for the majority of applications in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes.

Details of our Range of Twin Crystal Probes

Probe ID
Range in Steel in
Single-Echo Mode
(not through coatings)
Range in Steel in
Echo-Echo Mode
(through coatings up to 1 mm (0.04 in))
Typical Application
T5B 5.0 MHz
8 mm
(0.315 in)
Lemo 00
1.5 – 200 mm
(0.059 – 7.900 in)
4 – 50 mm
(0.160 – 2.000 in)
General purpose
Most metals
T2C 2.0 MHz
13 mm
(0.51 in)
Lemo 00
2.5 – 250 mm
(0.098 – 10.00 in)
5 – 50 mm
(0.200 – 2.000 in)
Attenuative materials, cast irons and plastics
T7A 7.5 MHz
5 mm
(0.2 in)
0.8 – 50 mm
(0.031 – 2.000 in)
3 – 25 mm
(0.120 – 1.000 in)
Thin metals and small diameter pipes



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