Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Gauge

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The Perfect Thickness Measuring Device

If your profession requires the use of an ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge to determine the corrosion and degradation of a material’s surface, then you need one of our devices. Our pioneering innovation has led to revolutionary changes within the industry. Our influences include the industry standard being changed to incorporate our multiple echo measurement method.

At Cygnus Instruments, we have been developing, engineering, and manufacturing the highest quality ultrasonic thickness measurement equipment range for over three decades. This experience gives us a unique insight into what different industries around the world need to get the accuracy and reliability to stay ahead of the curve.

Every ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge we manufacture is produced in the UK, and we only use genuine parts – no substitutes for the best. We have augmented our devices over the years to make them better and better using our knowledge and experience. Our gauges are now utilised in almost every industry worldwide, and some uses include:

We’re proud to offer our clients a variety of different product types that are perfect for all thickness measuring needs. Our team realises that different measuring gauges are required for different companies depending on their work, so we endeavour to manufacture products that cater to all of them. We put the same level of effort into producing all of our equipment and feel that all of it exceeds the high expectations of our clients.


Simple and Easy

Thickness GaugesOne such product we offer is the highly sought after Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe. If you need an ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge which does the job and does it well, then this model is your best option. It’s a deceptively simple design, but don’t let the aesthetics deceive you; it’s incredibly accurate and rugged.

This particular ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge is designed for industries that require few functions from their devices than perhaps others do. Even though it has fewer functions than other thickness testing equipment that we offer, it’s by no means under-equipped. The Cygnus 1 will tackle any materials that conduct sound at velocities ranging between 2000 m/s and 7000 m/s – this covers the majority of modern engineering materials.

The Cygnus 1 uses a single crystal probe, with three probe options for different frequencies. The different frequencies  allow for the measurement of varying thickness ranges within a material, such as:

  • 3 – 250 mm with 2.25 MHz probe
  • 2 – 150 mm with 3.5 MHz probe
  • 1 – 50 mm with 5 MHz probe

This device is perfect if you need a small range of functions that will be used consistently. The two NiMH batteries last for 10 hours of continuous usage each, so you can keep going all day. It’s vital to us that we provide equipment that will last customers a long time while in use. We realise the demands of modern industry, so have done our best to manufacture products that at least reach the minimum requirements.


Comprehensive functionality

When it comes to an ultrasonic thickness measuring device, there are so many different functions and data formats you may need if you are a professional user. With so many different requirements in various industries, it is always easier to carry one device that does everything instead of five different ones to cover all of your bases.

Luckily, we at Cygnus Instruments offer the all-encompassing Cygnus 6+ Pro. It includes an easy to use keypad and intuitive menus to help you navigate through the functions and set the device up to serve you perfectly. Its multimode measuring capabilities put it head and shoulders above the rest. If you would like to measure chronic corrosion with single echo or echo-echo measuring methods, it’s no problem for this ultrasonic thickness measurement device.

The case for this thickness testing equipment is twin shot injection moulded and covered with a protective TPE outer skin. It is built to be shock-proof and to withstand temperatures between -10°C to 50°C, so no matter your environment, you can be sure this instrument will fill your requirements. Products such as the Cygnus 6+ Pro show just how crucial it is to us that we offer durable equipment to our clients.

Like all of our devices, the Cygnus 6+ Pro is entirely safe for use on things such as pipelines for oil, gas, and other potentially dangerous substances. This is thanks to the non-destructive measurement methods our devices employ. It is vital to us that our equipment is fully functional in all situations, which is why we’ve engineered them so carefully. Rest assured, you’ll be getting a safe and reliable piece of equipment when you purchase from us.


Going for a swim?

Metal corrosion and surface thickness measurement aren’t limited to situations that are exclusively on land. Unfortunately, many similar companies in the industry haven’t developed technologies suitable for underwater use. In light of this, Cygnus Instruments has developed an ultrasonic thickness measurement gauge range for underwater measuring.

The Cygnus Dive is perfect for convenient surface thickness analysis in subsea environments up to a depth of 300 metres. A large AMOLED screen means you will have no trouble reading the measurement results at any depth between zero and 300 metres. Features such as auto-logging means you don’t need to press a button to log the result, and you can record up to 5000 measurements and A-scans per record. These additions make the device easy to use underwater.

If you are measuring surfaces which require the use of a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) because the depths go beyond a diver’s capabilities, then we have the solution for that as well. Our ROV-mountable ultrasonic thickness measuring device range covers depths of up to a staggering four kilometres (4000m) with our M5-ROV-4K.

These devices are designed for accurate measurement taking in the harshest of environments, so you can be sure it will pass the test when put to use. The Cyglink Software inside the device allows the data recordings to be transmitted to a computer at the surface and printed out. There are also two different data logging methods; quick Log, for simple recordings, and structured mode with four templates available – Single Point, Multi Point, Grid Point and Key Point.


Why Choose Cygnus Instruments?

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement GaugeWith over 30 years of experience leading the industry, we can offer you quality and performance that no-one else can. Our range of devices stands unmatched throughout the world, and are currently available in 34 countries. The mass spread of our devices shows just how influential our work has been on the industry. The fact that companies continue to choose us for thickness gauges shows just how reliable our equipment is.

At Cygnus Instruments, we realise that there is a lot of information to take in with regards to our thickness testing equipment. As such, we have put together a useful FAQs page for our customers so that they can choose a gauge that is suitable for them. If you have any further questions after this, be sure to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to give you advice. We want our clients to be as informed as possible before choosing to buy one of our thickness measuring gauges.


Always Improving Our Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Our team of innovative and extraordinary technicians and engineers pioneered the multiple echo measurement method, which has been used as the industry standard ever since. The ability to ignore coatings and paint when measuring a surface has proved invaluable and continues to prove its worth. We hope to continue to innovate in the future and make the process of thickness measuring even easier for a broad range of companies.


Customers Love Our High-Quality Thickness Gauges

Over the years, we have helped many clients find the measuring equipment that is suitable for their business. As a result of our impressive efforts, we have received many incredibly favourable customer reviews of our service, many of which can be read on our website. Browsing through these comments will give you a better idea as to why our services are so highly sought after in the industry. After reading this feedback, you’ll be convinced that we have the right equipment for you.


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