Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

Are you looking for a top of the line ultrasonic thickness meter that will ignore coatings to offer a verified reading? The number one manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauges is Cygnus Instruments. Browse our website to get a full overview of our products or give us a call on 01305 265 533 to speak to a team member about everything we can offer you.


Our ultrasonic thickness meter

All of our thickness meters measure using the Multiple Echo technology for accurate error-free readings. Our gauges use multiple pulses to provide verified readings and ignore coatings of up to 20 millimetres in thickness.Each and every thickness meter that we offer is manufactured in the UK. We guarantee that our high quality products have been designed with the user in mind. The interface is very simple to operate. The products are built to last and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.Please click on the links below to get to the product pages and find out more about every thickness meter currently available in our range:

The main thing to know about Cygnus is that we are highly driven. Founded in 1983, we pioneered the Multiple Echo technique that has since become the industry standard for effective readings. We offer simplicity through technology in that a Cygnus Instruments thickness meter is robust and easy to operate while using the very latest systems. High quality comes first and foremost to us – you can sit back and relax knowing that all of our products are manufactured locally using original parts and equipment.

Reasons to choose the Cygnus Instruments ultrasonic thickness meter

Cygnus Instruments has been manufacturing and engineering the finest in ultrasonic testing equipment for over 30 years. Each and every thickness meter that we supply will be rugged, accurate, simple to use and efficiently able to ignore any coatings. We believe our innovative products combined with our unparalleled customer service skills is what has led to our long standing success.Once you have purchased your thickness meter, don’t forget to read through our warranty terms and fill out the product registration form. We would also encourage you to check out our FAQs page to read answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and aftersales support.Our customer reviews should put your mind at ease about the quality of our products whether you’re looking to buy an ultrasonic thickness meter or a hatch accessory. Keep checking back for relevant industry updates and the latest news related to what we do. Our ultrasonic thickness gauge range has been tested and demonstrated on our YouTube channel to highlight the tough and intelligent design of our high quality products.

Please allow me to extend my thanks to you and your team. In all my years of management, I have never come across a company with such a positive, professional and quite frankly outstanding attitude as yours. It has been a pleasure working with Dave and I know I can speak for my team here that we look forward to doing business and conquering the next challenge with you guys – hopefully not too soon, though! All the best and once again thank you for a great service.” –Reese McAllister

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If you are ready to buy the highest quality thickness meter on the market, visit our page of dedicated service centres to find your nearest official supplier. In case you would prefer to speak to a member of our customer service team before committing to a purchase, give us a call on 01305 265 533, contact us via our online form or send your request by e-mail over to sales@cygnus-instruments.com.