Underwater Thickness Gauges

Are you looking for high-quality underwater thickness gauges? Look no further than Cygnus Instruments. Founded in 1983, and as pioneers of the industry standard Multiple-Echo technique, you can trust that our highly-experienced team of experts and range of products are reliable and thoroughly professional. Call us on 01305 269960 to discuss all of your thickness gauge needs today.

Our Thickness Gauge Serviceunderwater thickness guage

Driven by the need for handheld devices, our Multiple-Echo underwater thickness gauges are highly robust, straightforward to use and are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. Our range of Multiple-Echo gauges measure metal thickness, even through protective coatings, and now also include Echo-Echo and Single-Echo measurement modes to enhance our customer’s usability.With roots in marine inspection services, we invest heavily in market research and product development to drive a new phase of innovation. With our user-focused and application-driven approach, we rely heavily on customer feedback to ensure our products adapt to their needs and requirements. Our ultrasonic hatch cover leak detector, Hatch Sure, is used predominantly for checking hatches on bulk carriers and also has many other applications. Our range also includes several PLUS+ models, which also feature Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes to measure extreme corrosion and pitting.Our high-quality underwater thickness gauges range is utilised in a variety of industries, including the following and more:

  • Ship Hull Surveys
  • Rope Access Surveys
  • Underwater Inspections
  • Explosive Environments

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Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester

Did you know sea water ingress is one of the significant sources of damage to cargo? This can result in costly insurance claims, which can be avoided if you’re using the right equipment. At Cygnus Instruments, we designed the ultrasonic hatch leak detector to test for potential water leaks and the weather tightness of cargo hatch covers and doors.Consisting of a battery powered transmitter comprised of 19 ultrasound emitters (40 kHz), our Cygnus Hatch Sure emitters are arranged to produce an omnidirectional sound field. This is then uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold. The sound energy level is then displayed by the receiver part of the system, which identifies the location of leaks promptly and accurately.With a three year warranty, this powerful and robust transmitter has a variety of benefits. As well as being easily transportable in its rucksack style case, our Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester can be used in place of hose testing, making it an environmentally friendly alternative.

Cygnus FMD System

Our knowledge and expertise in the offshore and underwater environment, which spans over three decades, means that we have an extensive understanding of the requirements in the subsea inspection industry. Our new Cygnus FMD System incorporates intelligent, advanced software and electronics simply and straightforwardly.Available for general sale in 2018, our Cygnus FMD System is comprised of three fundamental parts; the probe and probe handler, the subsea electronics unit and the reporting software. An advantage of our FMD System is that, being user operated and easy to understand, you won’t need any external contractors and it is suitable for operators with varying experience. As well as being incredibly easy to learn and understand, our Cygnus FMD System has the following benefits and more:

  • Cost Effective
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Versatile

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Why choose Cygnus Instruments for your Underwater Thickness Gauge?

With offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, UAE and more, Cygnus Instruments are proud to offer our outstanding underwater thickness gauges range and highly-efficient service worldwide. As an ISO-9001 certified company, with intrinsically safe certifications (BASEEFA and CSA), we guarantee to offer you the highest-quality and reliable services. All of our equipment is built in the UK using only genuine and original parts and components, such as Lemo® Connectors and Peli® Cases.If you still need convincing that Cygnus Instruments offer the best thickness gauge service, read some of the glowing reviews from many of our happy customers. You can also read our FAQ\’s which may answer any questions you have and watch our videos on underwater thickness gauges and ultrasonic thickness gauges on our YouTube Channel.


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