Thickness Measurement Device

Are you in search of the finest range of gauges for non-destructive ultrasonic surface thickness measurement? If you are, then you need to call the team at Cygnus Instruments today on +1 410 267 9771. We have an exceptional selection of devices, which is sure to contain your perfect thickness measurement device. Get in touch with our experts and let us know your requirements so we can help you choose the most suitable device for your needs.


Superior Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Equipment

When it comes to choosing your ideal thickness measurement device, it always pays to make sure you are using the more reputed company in the market. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that our team has made the decision easy for you by narrowing down the logical options to just one.

Cygnus Instruments has been leading the industry since our establishment over 30 years ago. Since then, we have revolutionized and changed the face of the industry with our innovative and groundbreaking ideas and developments. These are just some of the reasons that we are the only company you need to consider when choosing a thickness measurement device.


Which Ultrasonic Transducer Is Best For You?

Thickness Measurement DeviceDepending on your industry and job role, you may need a different level of functionality from your ultrasonic transducer. No matter what kind of combination of elements you need, you can be sure that our range has the one you need.

The Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe is most straightforward and easily calibrated thickness measurement device in our selection. Its hardy construction means it can stand up to harsh environments, whilst measuring reliably and consistently.

While not being compatible with dual crystal probes, it can use single crystal probes so Multiple Echo is the utilized measurement method. This gives it a broad range of applications and can cover a wide variety of different engineering materials.

On the other end of the scale, we offer the Cygnus 6+ Pro ultrasonic transducer. This thickness measurement device is the pinnacle in the world of ultrasonic thickness testing. It provides an unparalleled spectrum of functions, including graphical data representation, data export via SD card, and is compatible with both single and dual crystal probes. This means you can take advantage of all three types of measurement, depending on which is best for the situation.

If you aren’t sure which of the spectacular instruments we offer is best for you, then feel free to talk to a member of our team. We will happily give you the rundown on any of the devices in our inventory so that you can make an educated decision on what will be the most effective.


Why Choose Us for a Thickness Measurement Device?

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we have over 30 years of unmatched experience in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment. After developing the multiple echo technique, it was adopted as the industry standard and has paved the way for a multitude of designs and technological advancements in the field.

Every device we made uses genuine parts from our specially selected manufacturers and assembled right here at Cygnus Instruments by our trained team. The twin shot injection moulded cases are designed to be shockproof, so that any impacts are absorbed and the force is dissipated, instead of the delicate electronics being damaged.


Contact Us about Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Equipment

For more information about the gauges in our range, get in touch with Cygnus Instruments today on +1 410 267 9771. Alternatively, you can contact us in writing about any thickness measurement device by filling in the online form on our website. We will endeavor to reply quickly and in detail.