Thickness Measuring Gauge

Do you need a product that can accurately measure the thickness of a surface? Have you been searching for the industry-leading instrument? If so, look no further than Cygnus Instruments, the experts in providing an outstanding quality thickness measuring gauge. To find out more about these products, and why we’re the best, please call us today on +1 410-267-9771.

Our Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we provide a wide range of surface thickness gauges, all of which are simple to use and built to last. They all measure using the Multiple-Echo technique for accurate, error-checked metal thickness measurements. This uses multiple pulses, providing verified thickness readings and allowing coatings up to 20mm thick to be ignored.Thickness Measuring Gauge

In order to keep up with industry demand, we now offer a thickness measuring gauge range, PLUS+ models, that feature a variety of modes. These modes are ideal for measuring extreme corrosion and pitting.

The multiple measuring modes we utilise with our ultrasonic thickness gauges are:

Multiple Echo

These instruments utilise a probe that uses the time taken for echoes of sound to travel through a material and converts this into a thickness measurement. Multiple sound pulses are used, which is called the Multiple Echo Technique.

A short pulse of ultrasound is generated and coupled into the material from the probe. The thickness measuring gauge then listens for back-wall echoes to return to the probe, which is now in receiving mode. When the gauge detects three consecutive echo signals of equal spacing, it proceeds to measure the time between these echoes and calculates the material thickness.

With this technique, three consecutive echoes are used, which means any coating will automatically be ignored. Plus, the measurements are far more reliable than Single Echo or Echo to Echo.

Single Echo

When you use the Single Echo technique, any coatings or paint need to be removed before a thickness measurement is taken. These instruments use the time taken for an echo of sound to travel through material and converts it into a thickness measurement. This measurement isn’t as accurate as one taken with the Multiple Echo technique.

Echo to Echo

At Cygnus Instruments, our surface thickness gauges have the option to use Echo to Echo mode. This is similar to the Multiple Echo technique as it can be used to read through coatings without the need to remove them. However, the maximum coating thickness that can be measured through and ignored is 1mm.

As with the other instruments, this generates a short pulse of ultrasound, then listens for back-wall echoes to return. When the thickness detects two consecutive echo signals, it measures the time between these echoes and calculates the material thickness.

Why Choose Cygnus Instruments Thickness Measuring Gauge?

Founded in 1983, we are the experts in the manufacture of surface thickness gauges. Cygnus Instruments pioneered the digital multiple echo technique, which has long since become the industry standard for accurate measurement of material thickness. We have additionally developed a wide range of individual thickness gauges, making us the premier company for this product.

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we are dedicated to product development. The industry and technology are constantly changing, and we work to keep up with those changes in order to remain at the top of our field. It is this dedication to constantly improving our products and developing new ones that make us the best supplier of a thickness measuring gauge.

Every product we manufacture and been designed to be robust and simple to use. When you purchase ultrasonic thickness gauges from us, you can rest assured knowing they are built to last, withstanding even the harshest environments.

Furthermore, at Cygnus Instruments, high quality comes first and foremost. We are an ISO-9001 certified company, meaning we are constantly being audited to guarantee you the best quality. You will be hard pressed to find another thickness measuring gauge on the market that can compete with ours.

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