Wall Thickness Measuring Equipment

Are you searching for a reliable and affordable supplier of high-quality wall thickness measuring equipment? If so, look no further than Cygnus Instruments – the premier choice and pioneers of the innovative digital Multiple Echo technology. Boasting a wide selection of products to choose from for a range of scenarios, we’re the obvious choice for your business. Call +1 410-267-9771 today if you have any questions at all.


A Wall Thickness Measurement Tool That Will Last a Lifetime

When looking to determine the thickness of a material, it’s not always a straightforward process. For instance, how do you determine the thickness of a boat’s hull if you’re only able to access it from one side? Fortunately, wall thickness measuring gage makes the whole process so much simpler, and here at Cygnus Instruments, we supply only the best tools around.

Our range of handheld thickness gauge tools provide a non-destructive means of determining thickness without requiring access to both sides of the material. The premise is simple – the device emits a sound from the transducer which then passes through the material all the way to the back end. The time it takes for the sound to traverse the material is calculated to determine the thickness.

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we supply many different thickness gauges, all of which feature our proprietary Multiple Echo technology. Our wall thickness measuring equipment allows for accurate measurements to be taken without requiring the removal of protective coatings. Continue reading below as we have provided information on a few of our products.


Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe

Where a rugged, shock-proof piece of equipment is the order of the day, the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe wall thickness measurement tool is precisely what you need. Designed for potentially explosive environments, this tool provides accurate measurements to determine wastage or corrosion. It utilises three return echoes to provide repeatable, reliable results.

The Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe comes with a range of features including but not limited to:

  • Wall Thickness Measuring EquipmentIPX5 and IPX7 Rated – Water/ Dirt/ Dust Resistant
  • Stable Calibration – Linear Accuracy – No Zero Adjustment
  • Self-Verification
  • Various Probe Options
  • Bright LED Displays with Polarised Filter


Cygnus 2 Hands Free

Featuring a rotatable end-mounted display, the Cygnus 2 Hands Free is perfect for use in situations where holding a device isn’t necessarily practical. This makes this wall thickness measuring equipment well-suited for climbing and rope access. The Cygnus 2 Hands Free sports a moulded enclosure that has been twin-shot injected. A soft yet durable TPE outer skin makes the device comfortable to hold and protects against knocks.

This device boasts outstanding strength and environmental protection and has been certified to the demanding US MIL STD 810G standard. Other features include an OLED multi-functional display with improved readability in all lighting conditions, IP67 environment sealing, deep-coat mode and Cygnus echo-strength bars.


Cygnus 4 General Purpose

If you’re looking for a handheld thickness gauge that is small, tough and accurate, then the Cygnus 4 General Purpose device is for you. This particular device has been designed for use in some of the more harsher environments around the world. Featuring a twin shot injection moulded enclosure around a soft TPE outer skin, this device offers comfort while in-hand as well as outstanding durability.

The Cygnus 4 General Purpose wall thickness measuring equipment utilises a single crystal probe setup that measures through thick coatings and displays only the remaining metal thickness. It sports an easy-to-use keyboard, intuitive menus and a fantastic colour LCD display.

To see more of our range, click on our surface thickness gauges’ page. Or, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on +1 410-267-9771.


Why Choose Cygnus Instruments for Wall Thickness Measuring Equipment?

Established in 1983, Cygnus Instruments quickly rose to become the leading innovator in the world of thickness measurement devices. Our contribution to this demanding industry is the digital Multiple Echo technique which has revolutionised the way many businesses now operate. This technique and the tools that utilise it how long-since become the industry standard.

As a rule, we are committed to product development, so when you purchase a wall thickness measurement tool from us, you know you’re receiving the best quality around. By monitoring industry trends, we stay ahead of the competition, and by keeping our prices competitive, we continue to be a one-stop-shop service for those in need of industry-leading tools and accessories.

With roots in the marine inspection industry, you can be certain that Cygnus Instruments knows a thing or two about handheld thickness gauge equipment. Through investment, market research and product development, we continue to go from strength-to-strength. As a company, we are ISO-9001 certified and also boast intrinsically safe certifications which include BASEEFA and CSA.



So, if you’re in the market for wall thickness measuring equipment, have a look at our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions, give us a call on +1 410-267-9771.